Struggling to get that all important interview… This might be way

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By now most everyone knows this is an employers market. While they are not desperate for applicants many, if not most, are stuck in the old ways of selection with one notable exception. Most use some software program to screen applications. For the most part the programs look for key phrases or keywords, which most applicants know to include. The result being that employers are no further ahead screening out applications, of which they get hundreds. Similar applicants are equally no further ahead standing out sufficiently to be called in for that all important interview or to be invited to participate in the employers screening process.

No wonder employers do not act civilly, thanking applicants for their interests. They are overwhelmed and frustrated, conditions which tend to bring out the worst in most of us. Applicants in turn are bewildered and eventually abandon their job search or settle for something far less than that of which they are capable.

In contrast would be more adaptive to mindfully address, at least the top few, realities of today’s job market.  The first reality is that undergraduate degrees are a dime a dozen, masters degrees are fifty cents a dozen and a doctorate, on a good day, maybe a dollar a dozen.  In other words, degrees or credentials are no longer as prestigious as they were not that long ago.

The second reality is that even the most preferred leading edge employers, still do not quiet know what they are looking for in a new hire.  Of course they want a certain degree of knowledge and skills.  The two are givens and most applicants have demonstrable amounts of both.  Experience however, has taught all employers that even the brightest, most knowledgeable and skilled can be a badly behaved person requiring a considerable amount of their time and energy to manage.  This is what most want to avoid at an intuitive level and some even at a well articulated purposefully deliberate level.

Why you may not be getting that all important interview is because you are relying solely on that expensive hard earned degree or credential with which all your competitors also are leading.  To distinguish yourself, to stand out from the rest therefore, you have to preemptively address the preferred employers concerns about not how capable you are but about how you will behave and interact with others.

Surprisingly this is relatively easy to do albeit the required resources are not as readily accessible.  A relevantly trained and experienced professional using standardized questionnaires associated with being a successful employee could be engaged to provide a qualitative and quantitative profile about who you are and how you will behave on a day to day basis.  As of now, while a very innovative strategy it will serve to sufficiently stir the curiosity of any person screening applications, regardless if they are using a software program or not, to invite you in for that all important interview.  How you mange the interview and or the selection process will require the same degree of pro-activity and preparation.

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