Career Wise Process

Workshops are scheduled for the second Thursday and Friday of each month in Hamilton, ON. Workshop location is communicated to you at least one week prior.

A)  Register

  • Registration is limited to 10 participants each month.
  • Registrants are emailed a Memorandum of Understanding and  Agreement (MOUA), the intent of which is to fully inform you about the process.
  • The signed MOU Agreement is returned by mail, fax or email.
  • Registrants agree to read two prerequisite books.
  • Receipt of fee in full is required to secure a place in the monthly group of 10 participants.

B)    Preparatory Seminars

Day One:    The Anatomy of a reliable and predictably competent employee.
Day Two:    Performing at your best in an interview. Complete a battery of standardized questionnaires relevant to employment suitability.

C)    Receive by email the results of the questionnaires which include

  • Covering letter establishing the credibility of the scores and profile
  • Summary of standardized questionnaire scores.
  • Narrative profile as to what the scores say about you

D)    For those who are not pleased with their performance, the scores and their profile, an opportunity to rewrite the questionnaires is provided at a future sitting, at a time of their choice.  The fee for this includes only the analyses and the narrative profile.  This provision is limited to two occurrences (a total of three efforts).

Those in this group are provided with strategies, readings, activities etc, known to produce better results.

Day One Seminar $399.00
Day Two Half Day Seminar $199.00
Proctoring of Questionnaire Completion $ 49.00
Quantitative Results and Profile $350.00
Total 997.00 plus HST