Who Leads Career Wise?

Career Wise is designed and delivered by Alexander (Alex) T. Polgar, M.S.W., Ph.D., R..S.W.

Alex-Polgar-imageAlex has been described by those who know his work and are familiar with his work as a person driven by his inquisitive mind, and his primary motivation to advance the human condition. Alex’s career spans 46-years of practice, and he has spent a considerable portion of his career designing and implementing recruitment and selection methodologies for large and small, public and private organizations. He has experienced first-hand the angst of leading edge organizations all wanting to identify and hire the top applicants. Career Wise is designed specifically to help attendees get into the selection process of highly desirable employers. The workshop is also designed to develop the knowledge and skills required to perform optimally in all kinds of interview formats especially the behaviorally based ones.

Alex knows all too well that in highly competitive academic programs, including at the graduate school level, little if any time is spent on preparing graduates for successfully negotiating the challenges of securing desirable employment. Career Wise is designed to fill this void.

Success for everyone is the primary goal of Career Wise.  For more information on the Career Wise process and pricing click here or email Alex at careerwise@atpolgar.com for specific times and locations.