At Plokar bookBecause we can – we must: Achieving the Human Developmental Potential In Five Generations ©Copyright 2009

AUTHOR:   Alexander T. Polgar, Ph.D., R.S.W.
ISBN  978-0-9730389-2-7

This three part book is written from a global perspective in a style that is intended to resonate with everyone.  It has to since the change, for which we have the potential, can only come from individual grass roots efforts.

Part One -There is a singularly unique effort to concisely synthesize the current literature on all that is wrong in our world.

Part Two – For the first time ever, there is a systematic, logically coherent explanation provided as to why the world is in a mess and why it has always been in a mess.

Part Three – Empirically supported remedial and innovative, incremental steps are described which will culminate in the majority achieving its full potential to live in cooperative harmony with all others and the environment.


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Polgar book coverConducting Parenting Capacity Assessments

This remarkably comprehensive, user-friendly manual includes, in a single source, a clearly articulated rationale for a systematic methodology with which to conduct Parenting Capacity Assessments. Mental health professionals new to this area of practice regardless of jurisdiction will be able with the use of this manual, to conduct assessments of a quality that usually comes with practice wisdom derived from years of experience. Seasoned practitioners again, regardless of the jurisdiction in which they work, will welcome the benefits of this initiative to achieve standardization that is rationally based and empirically supported by a wealth of previously unsynthesized research. Child welfare professionals, legal counsel and judges will find this manual to be an indispensable reference with which to inform and structure their effort to advance what is in the best interest of a child at risk. This manual includes two separate but related sections:

The first section constitutes an elaborated comprehensive rationale for the methodology. All that is prescribed is presented as a logical argument clearly supported by a number of premises.

The second section constitutes an actual application of the methodology. The prescribed report format includes an atypical level of elaboration, recognizing the reality that the primary audience is a judge and not a Mental Health professional.


Polgar book coverChronobiology: Strategies For Coping With Shift Work

About the manual -Coping in this context means diminishing or ideally preventing the negative physical and emotional consequences of doing something very unnatural.

To prevent something negative occurring requires a number of cognitive and emotional events to take place.

In no specific order of priority:

  • You must accept emotionally and cognitively that you are not invincible. Whether you are young, older or old sooner than later you will pay a price for what you have done and or continue to do to your body.
  • You must understand that the price for working shifts is different and unique to individuals. And more importantly the price is at first small and gradual. In fact so small and gradual that you quickly accommodate to it, and come to accept is as normal.
  • You much accept that what you don’t’ know will hurt you and that there is much that you don’t know about how shift work negatively effects your over all well being.
  • You must accept that while you will never fully understand the complexity of your body and emotions and how it is all effected by shift work it is still your responsibility to be a good caretaker of what you have been given.