A. T. Polgar Associates Inc. provides a number of half, full, and two day workshops. The workshops are provided in-house to agencies or associations on request. The in-house training approach is designed to maximize the content relevance for participants. The on request in-house approach also is designed to optimize organizational cohesiveness in the work being performed. Knowledge and skill building is best accomplished under such circumstances.

Ethicing and Social Work Practice: A Study in Conceptual Clarity (pdf)
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Therapeutic Communities (pdf)
The Use of Standardized Instruments to Augment Clinical Formulations (pdf)
Empirical Practice: The Use of Single Case Experimental Design to Enhance and Validate Clinical Practice (pdf)
Triaging Child Welfare Cases (pdf)
Coping With Shift Work (pdf)
Behavioural Interviewing (pdf)
Defusing High Conflict Situations
Career Wise